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Applied Behavior Analysis


What is ABA?

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy is an intervention to support children in meaningful outcomes. ABA is a type of therapy used to improve social communication, decrease disruptive behaviors, and learn skills through positive reinforcement. We believe that students who are neurodiverse are valueable to the community and we support their individuality.


Individualized Support

Children receiving ABA therapy will receive 1:1 support during their sessions. Individual programs will be developed based on their unique needs and abilities. All progress will be documented and shared with the family to assist in the child generalizing skills at home.

Art Class


Children who receive ABA therapy will still be an integral part of the classroom and will participate in all daily preschool activities. Their 1:1 support is meant to assist in learning and may be faded as necessary. 

Parent Support

Northern Pines Academy offers ongoing parent support trainings and workshops. This is offered to all families regardless of participation in ABA services. 

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